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Sales Glossary: Bluebird Sales

January 26, 2024 (3mo ago)

Bluebird Sales are unexpected, high-value sales opportunities that require minimal effort to close, and while they cannot be relied upon as a primary revenue source, understanding their nature and preparing to capitalize on them can provide a significant boost to any sales strategy.

Sales Glossary: Bluebird Sales

Understanding Bluebird Sales

In the dynamic world of sales, various terms and phrases are coined to describe specific situations, strategies, and outcomes. One such term is "Bluebird Sales." This phrase has a particular significance in the sales industry, symbolizing an unexpected yet highly beneficial sales opportunity. This article will delve into the concept of Bluebird Sales, exploring its definition, characteristics, and how sales professionals can better prepare for and capitalize on these rare opportunities.

What Are Bluebird Sales?

Bluebird Sales refer to sales opportunities that appear unexpectedly, with little to no effort from the sales team, and have a high likelihood of closing successfully. These opportunities are akin to finding a "bluebird" in your backyard; they're surprising and delightful. In the sales context, a Bluebird Sale is often characterized by the ease with which it moves through the sales pipeline and its potential for significant revenue.

Characteristics of Bluebird Sales

Bluebird Sales have several distinguishing characteristics that set them apart from regular sales opportunities:

  • Unexpected Arrival: They come without the sales team actively seeking them out.
  • Ease of Conversion: These opportunities often require minimal persuasion to close the deal.
  • High Value: Typically, Bluebird Sales are lucrative, offering substantial profit or revenue.
  • Low Effort: Compared to standard sales processes, Bluebirds demand significantly less time and resources.

The Origin of the Term

The term "Bluebird" in a sales context draws its inspiration from the rarity and beauty of the bluebird itself—a symbol of happiness and serendipity. Just as the sudden appearance of a bluebird can bring joy, so too can these unexpected sales opportunities bring significant gains to a business.

How to Prepare for Bluebird Sales

While the very nature of Bluebird Sales means they cannot be generated on demand, there are strategies that businesses can employ to increase their chances of encountering such opportunities:

  1. Maintain a Strong Online Presence: Often, potential clients discover your business through online research. A well-maintained website, active social media profiles, and high search engine rankings can attract Bluebird Sales.

  2. Leverage Existing Customer Relationships: Happy customers are more likely to refer others to your business. Encourage referrals and maintain excellent customer service to foster these opportunities.

  3. Stay Engaged with Your Industry: By participating in industry forums, attending conferences, and networking, you increase the visibility of your business, which can lead to unexpected opportunities.

  4. Keep Your Sales Team Informed and Motivated: Ensure your sales team is knowledgeable about all your offerings and is ready to engage with any potential Bluebird Sales effectively.

The Impact of Bluebird Sales on Businesses

The arrival of a Bluebird Sale can have a significant impact on a business, including:

  • Boosting Revenue: These sales can contribute significantly to a company's financial health due to their high value.
  • Improving Morale: The unexpected success of a Bluebird Sale can boost the morale and motivation of the sales team.
  • Enhancing Reputation: Successfully closing a high-value, low-effort sale can improve a company's market reputation, leading to more business opportunities.

Challenges and Considerations

While Bluebird Sales are generally positive, there are some considerations businesses should keep in mind:

  • Not a Strategy: Businesses should not rely on Bluebird Sales for their revenue. They are unpredictable and cannot be a substitute for a solid sales strategy.
  • Resource Allocation: It's crucial to balance the attention between Bluebird Sales and regular sales opportunities to ensure long-term stability.


Bluebird Sales represent a fortuitous aspect of the sales world, offering businesses unexpected opportunities for growth and success. While they cannot be planned for or relied upon as a primary revenue source, understanding their nature and preparing to capitalize on them when they do appear can provide a significant boost to any sales strategy. By maintaining a strong online presence, leveraging existing customer relationships, and keeping the sales team ready and motivated, businesses can increase their chances of encountering these rare and valuable opportunities.