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The Only Truly Personalized Sales Course
Close more deals, sell more products and refine your pitch with our individual online sales course. You'll be guided through our 17-step Sales Mastery Plan, with curriculum personalized to the product you sell.
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Why Maple?

The only sales course you'll need.


100% Tailored to You

You tell Maple about yourself, product and experience and then it guides you through our 17-step Sales Mastery Plan, customized to what you sell.


All-Knowing AI Sales Coach

Maple has been trained on billions of data points from the world's most effective sales strategies and then creates customized curriculum and advice for what you sell.


No Boring Sales Videos

Unlike other online sales courses, you ask the questions and can practice selling by role-playing with Maple.


All Pros, No Cons

The average in-person sales coach charges $150 - $500 per hour. Maple gives you the same training, but at a fraction of the cost.

Coaching with Maple

Maple in Action:

Increasing Top of Funnel


I'm a new Sales Associate selling organic skincare for $50-200. How do I close a sale quickly?


For your market, a limited-time discount or a small freebie can create a sense of urgency. But don't overdo it; your products are premium.

Increasing Sales


How can I increase repeat purchases?


Given the nature of your products, consider a subscription model with a small discount. It's convenient for the customer and ensures continuous revenue for you.

Overcoming Objections


How do you handle objections like "It's too expensive"? That comes up a lot.


In your case, since you're selling premium organic skincare products, you could counter this objection by breaking down the value over time, e.g., "$100 for a product that lasts two months is just over $1.60 per day."

Improving Cold Calls


How can I make cold calls more effective?


Given you're new to sales and are in the organic skincare business, start the call by connecting on shared values like health or clean beauty. This can warm up the call quickly

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What our students say ...

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Mark Shekleton


"I've never used such an effective online learning tool, for sales training or otherwise. Maple's AI-based engagement learning kept me on the hook throughout each lesson."

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Austin Cornelio

CEO @ Brio Interactive

"Using Maple is an awesome and easy way to tune up your sales skills. Whether you're a sales pro or just starting off it's like having a guided sales expert at your fingertips at any time."

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Peter Glyman

Entrepreneur, Founder & Strategic Advisor

"What a brilliant product. I wish I had a sales coach assisting me when I started my sales career. Most junior salespeople must learn the subtleties of sales communications, posture, and deliberate confidence the hard way. Learning the hard way costs you sales and costs you money. Every salesperson looking to improve their contact conversions and close rates should use Maple."

Master Class

You'll learn how to:


Clearly Explain Your Product

Maple will teach you how to pin-point the features and benefits of your product.


Define and Know Your Audience

Maple will help you create an exact outline of your audience and work with you to brainstorm ways to target them.


Set Clear Goals

Nothing happens in sales unless you make it happen. Maple will work with you to set clear goals and give you assignments to ensure you that you meet those goals.


Master the Art of Listening

Listening is not a skill that we all naturally have. Practice listening and responding to your clients' objections with Maple.


Master Your Sales Pitch

Maple fine-tunes your sales pitch through targeted exercises and data-driven feedback.


Build a Sales Process

Maple guides you through establishing a structured, efficient sales process tailored to your product and market.


Leverage Technology

Learn to use digital tools and platforms to maximize your reach, track your metrics, and analyze customer data.


Handle Rejection

Maple teaches you strategies for coping with "no" and how to turn rejections into opportunities.


Close a Specific Deal

No matter how complicated, or nuanced your deal is, Maple can help guide you to a successful outcome. Remember, Maple has access to thousands of the world's best sales pitches. Use that power to make yours the best it can be.


How to use Networking Effectively

Gain insights into strategic networking, both online and offline, to grow your sales prospects.

Coaching with Maple

Maple in Action:

Closing Deals


I'm Morgan, selling B2B SaaS products priced between $10k-$50k/year, typically to IT managers and CTOs. How can I close deals faster?


Closing deals faster often comes down to two key factors: qualifying prospects effectively and demonstrating value quickly. When you're dealing with IT managers and CTOs, they're likely very busy and want to see the value your product can bring to their organization immediately. Make sure you're able to articulate the unique value proposition of your product succinctly and powerfully.

Role Playing Feedback


"... I'll email you those details."


Alright, let's assess your performance. You could have tried to secure a specific time for a follow-up call or meeting. This would ensure that the conversation continues, rather than leaving it up to the buyer to reach out after reading the email. Also, while you did mention that your product can streamline IT operations, you didn't provide any specific benefits or examples. Remember, your goal is to pique the buyer's interest enough to want to learn more.

Increasing Top of Funnel


I need to increase the top of my funnel. Can you give me some ideas?


You bet. Content Marketing: Write a detailed blog post about "The Top 10 Challenges IT Managers Face in Software Integration and How to Overcome Them". This will attract your target audience who are looking for solutions to these problems.
Social Media: Start a LinkedIn group for IT managers and CTOs where you share industry news, your blog posts, and start discussions. This will position you as a thought leader.

Deal Coaching


Based on the email I just shared, can you help me write a reply?


Sure, here's a draft for you:
Subject: Addressing Your Needs & Next Steps
Dear Joanie, I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for taking the time to explore our product during our recent demo.
I understand that you're currently exploring options. It's an important decision and we want to ensure you have all the information you need.

Need some help?


How long will I have to complete the course?

12 months from the date purchased.

What software do I need to complete the course?

A modern web browser is sufficient - no additional software is needed.

What type of computer do I need to complete this course?

Any computer or phone with internet access and a web browser.

Can I speak to or see Maple?

Maple offers text-based coaching right now. We're hoping to add video and voice features soon.

Can I work on the course from anywhere?

Yes, as long as you have internet access.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

While Maple does not provide a certificate, you'll be rewarded with an increase in sales 😊.

How long does it typically take to complete the course?

The course is self-paced but typically takes 8-12 weeks to complete.

Do you offer the course in any languages other than English?

Currently, the course is only offered in English.

Is my conversation with Maple recorded?

Yes, conversations are stored securely on our servers so that Maple can offer customized and helpful advice.

Coaching with Maple

Maple in Action:

Setting Effective Goals


Hi Maple, I'm Ishaan. I own a gym. My sales target is 15 new clients a month.


To achieve your goal of 15 new clients per month, you need to break it down into smaller, actionable steps. For instance, how many leads do you need to generate and how many sales conversations do you need to have to convert 15 clients?

Calculating Targets


Please help me calculate my sales target numbers.


Sure, let's break it down:

  1. Client Capacity: Determine how many clients you can realistically handle per month. Let's say you can manage 20 clients.
  2. Average Revenue per Client: Your service is priced between $100 - $400 per month. Let's use the median, $250, as an average.
  3. Monthly Revenue: Multiply your client capacity by your average revenue per client. In this case, 20 clients x $250 per client = $5000 per month.
  4. Annual Revenue: Multiply your monthly revenue by 12 to get your annual revenue. In this case, $5000 per month x 12 = $60,000 per year. You should also consider factors like client churn, periods of slower business, and business costs.

Developing Your USP


I'm trying to nail down my USP but I'm having trouble.


That's okay, Ishaan. Let's explore this together. Think about what makes FitForge Coaching unique. It could be your personalized approach, the qualifications of your coaches, the success rate of your clients, or even the specific methods or techniques you use. Remember, your unique value proposition is what sets you apart from the competition. It's the reason why a potential customer should choose your fitness coaching services over others. Can you identify any unique aspects of FitForge Coaching?

Role Playing Feedback


"Thanks for your time. Hope to speak again soon."


Now, let's assess your performance. You did a good job of respecting my time and not pushing too hard. However, you could have done a better job of addressing my concern about the cost. Instead of just saying you offer flexible pricing, you could have mentioned the specific price range and emphasized the value the customer gets for that price.